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How to Use ActiveX Components with FrontPage 97

Here's how you can use FP Editor to easily add ActiveX components to your pages:

  1. If you don't know much about ActiveX, visit the ActiveX area of the MS Site Builder Network. There is plenty of documentation and examples there for you to download. Each ActiveX component has parameters which you must set, according to that component's API. Some may require VBScript or Javascript to control (like the Microsoft Agent).
  2. Place the cursor on the spot in the page where you want the control to reside.
  3. Select Insert|Other Component|ActiveX Control from the FP Editor menu. A dialog box will appear.
  4. If you have any ActiveX components on your machine (if you've ever been to a web page which uses them, they are downloaded automatically to your machine) these controls will appear in the drop-down list box at the top of the dialog. You can select from this list, or, if you want to use one which is not in the list, you can type in the classid for that component.
  5. Type in the Codebase URL where the compnent can be downloaded in the appropriate box in the dialog. You can find out the codebase URL by opening the example pages, or other pages on the web which contain ActiveX components, opening them in FP Editor, right-clicking the component, selecting "ActiveX Component Properties" from the popup menu, and looking at the Codebase URL for that component. This URL tells the browser where to request the component from if it is not on the user's machine.
  6. Add any parameter values which that component needs.
  7. You can resize the component from the WYSIWYG Editor by selecting the component and dragging the "handles" if you like. That's about it!

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