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The following are answers to common questions in the Microsoft FrontPage Client Newsgroup:

Adding a Drop Down List Box for Navigation

The script below is for a non-frame site:

  1. At the top of a page in FrontPage Editor, click on Insert, HTML Markup, and add the following code:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    function showSitePage(form) {
    // Default (form) value is 0
    // Web/HTML page is set with OPTION SELECTED VALUE
    var formindex=form.snPageName.selectedIndex;
    // parent.self refers to the current browser window

    // -->

  2. Then anywhere underneath the HTML Markup Bot you just added, click on Insert, HTML Markup Bot and modify the following code to suit your needs:

    <FORM NAME="dlSitePages">
    Pages about C. S. Wyatt: <SELECT NAME="snPageName" SIZE="1">
    <OPTION SELECTED VALUE="resume.html" > My Resume;
    <OPTION VALUE="exp.html" > My Tech Background
    <OPTION VALUE="manage.html" > My Management Philosophy
    <OPTION VALUE="bio.html" > My (Short) Biography
    <OPTION VALUE="b1.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 1
    <OPTION VALUE="b2.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 2
    <OPTION VALUE="b3.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 3
    <OPTION VALUE="b4.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 4
    <OPTION VALUE="b5.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 5
    <OPTION VALUE="b6.html" > My Poetry: Vol. 6
    <OPTION VALUE="deadrich.html"> A Story by Me - The Homeless Ball
    <OPTION VALUE="return.html" > A Story by Me - Returning
    <OPTION VALUE="reviews.html" > Reviews of This Site!
    <INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="View" OnClick="showSitePage(this.form)">

If you want to add multiple drop down list boxes for navigation, make sure you give each form a different name as in "FORM NAME=" .

Here is the script for a frame-based site:

Substitue the ** for the name if thge frame you wish it to go to. This should work!

function showSitePage(form) {
// Default (form) value is 0
// Web/HTML page is set with OPTION SELECTED VALUE
var formindex=form.snPageName.selectedIndex;
// parent.** refers to the frame window
// -->
</script><form name="dlSitePages">
<p align="center">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<select name="snPageName" size="1">
<option value="/tour/default.htm">Main Tour Page</option>
<option value> </option>
<option value="/tour/pilbara.htm">Pilbara</option>
<option value="/roebourne.htm">Roebourne</option>
<option value="/tour/history.htm">Aboriginal History</option>
<input type="button" value=" GO! " onclick="showSitePage(this.form)"> </p>


Additional Resources
  FP: How To Redirect A Browser From a List Box Choice

Christopher Scott Wyatt for the code, and Peter Abraham for the instructions.

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