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  • one performs an initial, typical install of FP97
  • the MS-PWS will not run, no icon showing in taskbar
  • can't manually start the PWS by using the PWS "start" button in the Ctrl Panel
  • doesn't auto-start (along with Windows), despite being setup to do this
  • it doesn't appear that the MS-PWS is getting assigned to Port 80 (checking on this via the FP Server Administrator shows NO servers assigned at all, nothing at Port 80)
  • since the PWS won't run, then one can't use the FP97 Explorer, Editor, etc.

NOTE: the above refers to the "Microsoft" PWS, not the "FrontPage" PWS

===== APPARENT REASON ==========

Upon checking my main c: drive structure, it seems that there are 2 different "Program Files" directories present, they are:

  1. "Progra~1" **
  2. "Program Files"

** (NOTE: this "Progra~1" directory appears to be created when one installs MS-Exchange+Fax from Windows95… the subdirectory "Micros~1" is created within it, and contains the files: Exchng32.exe, Mapiwm.tpl, and Scanpst.exe )

When installing the MS-PWS (along with FP97), the directory "Websvr" is being created and put under the "Progra~1" directory, NOT the "Program Files" directory… THIS SEEMS THE BE THE PROBLEM… the "Websvr" directory is being put in the wrong place !

===== SOLUTION ==========

  1. move the "Websrv" directory (and all its subdirectories) to be under the "Program Files" directory
  2. restart your computer
  3. the MS-PWS should now be running properly (and the icon present in the taskbar)… FP97 Explorer will now work properly

- PK

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