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The following are answers to common questions in the Microsoft FrontPage Client Newsgroup:

Redirecting People to another Page

If you want to redirect browsers to another site, page or even refresh the current page you can use the META REFRESH tag.

From within FrontPage Editor having opened the source page:

  1. Right click within the page, and select Page Properties.
  2. Click on the Custom Tab.
  3. Click on the Add button on the right of System Variables.
  4. Type in "Refresh" (no quotes) for the Name.
  5. Type in "5; URL=http://www.yourdomain.com/yourpage.htm" (no quotes) for the value.

Change the 5 to how many seconds you want the browser to wait until you send them to the URL. The URL can be a site (www.yourdomain.com) or a site and a page.

--Peter Abraham

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