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FrontPage Save Results Component shows on page

The FrontPage save results component requires that the FrontPage extensions are installed.  The form-to-email portion requires that the web server have SMTP (simple mail transport protocol) set up correctly (this is not done automatic, and is separate from the extension installation).

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Start FrontPage Explorer
  3. Click on More Webs (or do File, Open FrontPage Web, More Webs if you don't get the "Getting Started" Dialog box).
  4. Enter your domain name or IP address, and click on list webs.
  5. Select the web that has the problem with showing FrontPage Save Results Component and click on ok.
  6. Enter your user id and password.
  7. Open the page in FrontPage Editor.
  8. Remove the text, FrontPage Save Results Component, while in normal view.
  9. Right click within the form, and select Form Properties
  10. Verify that A) the email address is valid (if used) and B) that the path and file name for the file you are saving (if any) is valid.
  11. Click on Ok all of the way out.
  12. Save the page, and exit from FrontPage Editor.
  13. In FrontPage Explorer, click on tools, recalculate hyperlinks.
  14. Exit out of your browser.
  15. Go back in your browser, and empty your browser cache.
  16. Go to the page in question.
  17. If the text, FrontPage Save Results Component, still shows, then contact the technical support department of your hosting company/service.  Chances are very high they do not have the SMTP settings set up correctly.

--Peter Abraham

Direct Email Marketing with Constant Contact

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