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The following sites have software for Microsoft FrontPage.

[Stared]items that have been added within the past month.

[Stared]Alt-text for Image Maps Add-in
[Stared]AutoFormat Add-In
[Stared]AutoSave Add-In
[Stared]AutoSum Add-In
[Stared]Convert all files and folders to lower case (add-in)
FrontLook Series 3
FrontPage 98 Update from Microsoft
FrontPage 2002 Tutorial from Microsoft
IDC Web Wizard
[Stared]J-Bots - JavaScript Automation! (See below for details)
[Stared]Media Manager
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Resource Kit
Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard
Personal Web Server
Server Extensions (Free)
StoreFront for FrontPage

Featured Software


Text Effects Applet with over 20 text effects, shadow effects and color animation. Create unlimited combinations of interesting text messages to keep your viewers attention. 

Image Effects Applet with over 20 background image effects, shadow effects and text effects. This eye candy applet will attract your viewers attention to your text message. 

Both applets support previews before insertion, multiple sound triggers, background sounds, status bar messages and hyper linking.

FrontLook's applets include an easy to use FrontLook Menu and an easy-to-use, fully Editable user interface for each applet. 

Over 30 Personal and Business oriented Themes. 

Over 300 professionally designed clip art, buttons, bullets, banners, backgrounds and separator elements inserted in the standard FrontPage Clip Art Gallery. Also included is over 80 audio files to use as message triggers and background sounds.

Click here to order FrontLook Series 3

J-Bots 2002 is an add-in for FrontPage 2002 featuring 40 components in this package include the newly released Time of Day Greeting, Mouse Over Style, Email a Friend, Frame Buster, and Window Close components, as well as old favorites like Drop Down Jump Menu, Ad Banner, Play Music, Detect Browser, Global Clock, Countdown Timer, Message of the Day, Test Your Knowledge, and many more!

J-Bots Plus 2002 J-Bots Plus 2002 features 87 components that can make your FrontPage web sites more attractive, engaging, and easier to navigate. They’re fast and easy, and no programming skills are required. Simply fill in dialog boxes, click Generate, and JavaScript code will automatically create the function you desire. Modify with just a double click.

J-Bots Plus 2002 contains all the components in the smaller J-Bots 2002 package (see below), plus four special component groups (also sold separately) called J-Bots Form Components v4.0, J-Bots Cookie Components v4.0, J-Bots Image Components v4.0, and J-Bots Navigation Components v4.0.

J-Bots Image Components is a set of eight J-Bots components that relate to the manipulation of images on web pages. "Flowing Menu" is the featured component in this package--it's hot!

J-Bots Form Components is a set of eight J-Bots components that relate to the use of forms on web pages. Faster form completion for your visitors, and more accurate data for you!

J-Bots Cookie Components is a set of nine J-Bots components that relate to the storing and display of visitor input through the use of cookies. Welcome your returning visitors by name.

Calendar Wizard 2002
Creates one-month calendar pages up to the year 2008! With Calendar Wizard 2002, you can: Select a month and year for which you want to have a calendar created; Predefine and store events (including images and links) on days in that month; Add, delete and edit events; Name your page URL and page title; Click finish, and watch Calendar Wizard generate a table in a web page containing your custom, one month calendar! Once a calendar is generated, you can resize it, change font size, color, formatting, etc. as you would in any FrontPage table.

Meta Tag Maker 2002
You've developed and published a great web site. Now it's time to get it noticed! The most important next step you can take is to get your site indexed and favorably ranked by the search engines. With Meta Tag Maker 2002 you can create and manage meta tags through one, easy to use, dialog box. An extensive Help system guides you through the process, providing tips for creating meta tags that will improve your site’s ranking. Complete the text fields, then click the Analysis tab to determine if you have optimized your entries.

StoreFront - StoreFront 5.0, the fifth generation of LaGarde's market leading e-commerce software product line, offers unparalleled features for easily and effectively building profitable online operations for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, professional associations, government institutions and not for profits.

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