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Transferring your web from one domain to another


  1. You have one of the Personal Web Servers (PWS) installed on your local computer system.
  2. You have the user id and password for both domains.
  3. If you don't know the domain names or if InterNIC is in the process of transferring the domain name, you know the IP address.
  4. FrontPage Extensions are installed and working on both domains.

Phase 1 - Transfer to your local server

  1. Start FrontPage Explorer, and open the source domain by entering either the www address or the IP address for the server name (you do not have to enter "http://" as part of the address).
  2. Click on File, select publish.
  3. Under "Destination Web Server or File Location," drop down and select your local system (usually localHost or your computer name).
  4. Under "Name of Destination FrontPage Web," enter "transfer" (note: the name you use here does not matter; entering a name makes sure you don't publish to your own <root> web which may or may not have a valid web present).
  5. Make sure all check boxes under "Options" are left unchecked.
  6. Click on Ok.

Phase 2 - Transfer to the target domain / IP Address

  1. Click on File, select close FrontPage web.
  2. Now open the "transfer" Web from your local system.
  3. Click on File, select publish.
  4. Under "Destination Web Server or File Location," enter the target domain name or target IP address.
  5. Leave "Name of Destination FrontPage Web" blank.
  6. The only box checked under "Options" should be "Add to an existing FrontPage Web."
  7. Click on Ok.

Finishing Touch

Click on File, select "Delete FrontPage Web" to delete the "transfer" web.

--Peter Abraham

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