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The following are answers to common questions in the Microsoft FrontPage Client Newsgroup:

How do I create a link that changes two or more frames?

One easy method is to link to a new frameset page using TARGET="_top". Any documents or images common to both framesets will be loaded quickly from the cache.

You can change two frames at once by using scripting within the anchor:

<A LANGUAGE = "VBScript" HREF = "http://target1.htm" TARGET = "frame1"
onClick = "parent.frame2.location.href = 'http://target2.htm'">

The HREF and TARGET on the first line specify the update for one frame, and the second line includes a script that changes the second frame. Substitute the appropriate frame names in each case. Note that you may need other changes in the script, depending on the structure of your page.

You can use scripting to change selected frames and (optionally) to perform other functions from a single click, as follows:

<A HREF="" name="ClickMe">Click me!</A>
<SCRIPT Language = "VBScript">
  SUB ClickMe_OnClick()

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