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The following are answers to common questions in the Microsoft FrontPage Client Newsgroup:

Web Bots -- Things to keep in mind

General Notes

  1. Make sure when you setup your web server account that you ask to have the same version of FrontPage Extensions installed as the version of FrontPage you are using on your machine. Meaning FrontPage 98 Extensions if you are using FrontPage 98, FrontPage 97 Extensions if you are using FrontPage 97, and FrontPage 1.1 Extensions if you are using FrontPage 1.1.

    When a provider states they support FrontPage Extension that is like a gas station saying they support unleaded and diesel fueled vehicles. What type of gas actually goes into the vehicle is dependent on YOU. Therefore, do not assume you will have access to FrontPage Extensions unless you specifically ask for them during the installation processes.

  2. If you are using FrontPage 2002 and your provider has FrontPage 2000 Extensions, then expect to have problems.

Web Bots and features that do not require FrontPage Extensions

  • Frame Wizard
  • HTML Markup Bot
  • Include Bot
  • JavaScript Wizard
  • Substitution Bot
  • Timestamp Bot
  • TOC (Table of Contents) Bot
  • VBScript Wizard

Web Bots and features that do require FrontPage Extensions

  • Confirmation Bot
  • Database Connectivity
  • Discussion Web
  • Feedback Forms (save results bot)
  • Guest Book Forms
  • Registration Web
  • Save Results Bot
  • Text on Images
  • Scheduled Image
  • Scheduled Include Bot
  • Search Bot

Web Bots and features that require manual intervention if extensions are not present

  • Channel Definition Format (CDF) Wizard1

1 Create the channel definition file (.CDF), and create a hyperlink to it.

  CGI Alternatives to FrontPage Web Bots

--Peter Abraham

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